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"This site is dedicated to finding buddy in your area to share same interest of Marijuana"


MARIJUANA PROHIBITION IS OVER!! Locate weed buddies in your area. Join us now to finally create a peace loving community world wide dedicate to truth and healing fellowship for all man kind. This site is dedicated to peace love and happiness for all. Here will will find all things marijuana strains information dispensary locations and facilities but most of all you will now be able to find others of our kind locally to share time with someone who has the same beliefs and principles as you. Enjoy our site. It was created for you with love by someone who has sacrifices his whole life to this cause and has paid dearly over 8 times as a patriot and freedom fighter for this cause. I hope you will join this site it would allow me to die happy knowing I made a difference in the world to spread peace and love and healing to all.
We are not affiliated with any law enforcement group. We will protect any information we are given with our lives. All information are secure.No address or phone number required. Name does not need to be real name. Using real name not recommended.We are for freedom to enjoy marijuana without worry.

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